Keoni Hudoba

Keoni's story is incredible to say the least. At 21 years old Keoni weighed  327lbs. He was the stereotypical   funny fat kid in school. But behind the humor was an eternally frustrated and depressed young man. Knowing the his weight was holding him back, he made the choice to transform his life, change his eating habits and commit to becoming healthy. The journey spanned almost 2 years and he is proud to say that he has achieved his goals and now weighs in at a lean 180lbs.

Taking one of Keoni's classes is an experience not to be missed. He is a group instructor at REEBOK Sports Club NY, EQUINOX, 24 Hour Fitness, Bootcamp Republic, and Club H Fitness where he teaches classes such as his signature class DRENCHED, Urban Rebounding, Cardio Burn, Bootcamp, Abs, Back and butt 45, Absolute 30, The Challenge, Body Sculpt, and Les Mills CX30. He also recently joined Barry's Bootcamp on their first New York City venture at their new facility located in Chelsea. For more information on Keoni go to