About Us


When you push your workout to the absolute limit, words of encouragement can help you break through the exhaustion to take one more step, lift or rep than you ever did before.  These words may come from the voice in your head or a voice in your ear. Thanks to a new line of motivational workout apparel by IAMMAI (pronounced "I am I"), inspiration can also be found right in the mirror.

IAMMAI clothing is a line of sleek, comfortable, athletic apparel for men and women: tanks, tees, hoodies, tops and pants made in Los Angeles from an environmentally responsible blend of soft organic cotton and recycled soda bottles. Each piece offers an inspirational word, phrase or mantra, printed in reverse, so when you look in the mirror while exercising, it speaks directly to you. “I Am Powerful,” “I Am Love,” and “I Will Persist Until I Succeed” are among the line’s most popular messages.  Fashion-forward celebrities, including pop star Katy Perry and actress/model Jamie King, were among the first to embrace the brand.

“I and Am are two of the most powerful words in language, any language,” says Andrew Gallery, the entrepreneur and designer behind IAMMAI. “The words command attention, action and results. When followed by another word or phrase, the sentence becomes an instant declaration: a commitment to yourself.”

“I AM” also stands for Inspiration, Action and Motivation. A Palindrome, IAMMAI reads the same with a mirror or without, delivering an empowering message no matter how you look at it.

Gallery was inspired to create the line while watching his friends, spotters and personal trainers encourage each other at the gym. When a friend seemed daunted by the amount of weight they guy next to them was bench-pressing, Gallery reminded his friend of the adage, “you’re not competing against him; you’re competing against yourself.” As Gallery pointed towards the nearest mirror, IAMMAI was born.

IAMMAI apparel for men and women is currently available at The Shop @ Equinox.