Anna's off the shoulder vintage sweatshirt

$65.00 $88.00

Anna Judd is running across America. No, really. From Venice, CA to New York City Anna is running to raise awareness for returning veterans and the challenges they face. As a truly inspirational person we teamed up with her to make her some inspirational clothes for her adventure. Armed with pants, tees, tanks and sweatshirts she will now run averaging 40 miles a day until she reaches New York City. We created this top for her as a reminder on those long days, to remember why she started and to motivate her to keep going. 


The sweatshirt reads "Remember Why You Started" on the front in reverse, so you can read it in the mirror. It has "Unstoppable" on the inner wrist and reads "Power Strength Persistence" down the arm. All the encouragement you need to accomplish your goals!


Made from organic cotton and recycled coke bottles, this vintage piece is ultra soft to the touch.

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