Aaron Hunsaker @ Pure Yoga in NYC April 16th &17th March 15 2011

I met Aaron in Utah after missing my flight to New York. Finding myself with nothing to do for the night I decided to tag along with a friend to his class. Within seconds of walking into his studio I was immediately drawn in to Aaron's style of teaching and knew that he was an exceptional instructor, one like I have never seen before or since.

Aaron began his studies of yoga at the age of 26 while he was going through a very dark time. At the time, Aaron was in search of an authenticity that he wasn’t finding in any spiritual circle, work out routine or philosophy he was studying. During his teens, Aaron struggled with homelessness, incarceration, heroin addiction, serious health issues, and most of all, self hatred. At the age of 21 Aaron had an awakening that he wanted to escape the hell he was living in and started seeking spiritual truths. He started studying Taoism, Sufism, Catholicism, martial arts, and Tibetan Buddhism. It was during the time he was studying yoga that he had a very selfish intention that soon led to a deeper awaking of unconditional love. Aaron is certified under Dana Baptiste, a world-renowned power yoga instructor and has studied alignment principals very deeply under Adam Ballinger and Mitchell Bleier. With all this knowledge, Aaron put together a blend of teaching yoga that empowers us to align ourselves through any transition in life. Aaron's philosophy is "yoga teaches us not to run from demons or chase angels, 'cus they are all just aspects of the self". Aaron is the founder of yoga resistance, a yoga technique that teaches strong movements and asanas that empower us to find unconditional love for ourselves in any situation. Aaron's biggest accomplishment through yoga is that he has left behind self hatred and wants to share this message with others through yoga.

We are extremely honored to have Aaron as a part of the I AM Athletics family and proud to announce his first workshops in New York City at Pure Yoga.

Location: Pure East

Date: Sat 4/16/2011
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Learn to fly and look fly at the same time. You'll get an upper body workout while maintaining a strong intention of finding strength through alignment and resistance. Push away from gravity and what holds us down. You'll take some techniques home with you that will empower you on and off the mat. 

Slow Your Role.
Location: Pure West
Date: Sun 4/17/2011
Time: 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
In this class, learn to slow down the transitions of our vinyasa and learn to become aware of every posibility to finding freedom in the toughest times. A challenging class with standing postures and flow. 

Sign up here to reserve your place, it will fill up fast.